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Comments from June 13- July 5, 2013

Angel on Earth, Heather------Terri M.  June 13, 2013
Overall Great Experience-------Jan  June, 14, 2013
Excellent!-------Andrea    June 21, 2013
Your the Best Heather! -------- Vic    June 17 , 2013
You guys are the Best!!! ------- Heather    June 22, 2013
Awesome Job!!! My nails look great! Thanks for  making my day!--- Ivory
June 29, 2013
Thank you for the superb service!  We had a wonderful afternoon. ----- Tracy    St. Louis, MO....7/5/2013
Fantastic! Thank You!  Too relaxed to write more------Renee  St. Louis, MO.  7/5/2013
Awesome, Roll Me Out! -------- Ann   St. Louis, MO.....7/5/2013
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