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Comments from July 10 to August 3, 2013

Thanks for a great massage-----Pat       7/10/2013
Thanks Heather-------Karen       7/11/2013
My feet and nails look superb, Thanks!---------Natalie       7/12/2013
Heather, You are the Best!-------Terri  :-)        7/17/2013
Had a nice service with Michelle and Heather----------Kevin       7/18/2013
Excellent!!!! Love you Heather!-----------Kathy    7/19/2013
Thanks Heather, I needed this treatment today!--------- Love, Mom       7/20/2013
Thanks, Heather-----------Karon       7/24/2013
Thank you for working on my "knots" in shoulder as well as educating me. Much appreciated!!!! ;-)-----------Michelle    8/1/2013
Awesome, is all we can say!---------Paul and Angie         8/2/2013
It was truly amazing! Thank you so much for everything! We will be back. :-) -----Austin and Rebecca                  8/3/2013

Comments from June 13- July 5, 2013

Angel on Earth, Heather------Terri M.  June 13, 2013
Overall Great Experience-------Jan  June, 14, 2013
Excellent!-------Andrea    June 21, 2013
Your the Best Heather! -------- Vic    June 17 , 2013
You guys are the Best!!! ------- Heather    June 22, 2013
Awesome Job!!! My nails look great! Thanks for  making my day!--- Ivory
June 29, 2013
Thank you for the superb service!  We had a wonderful afternoon. ----- Tracy    St. Louis, MO....7/5/2013
Fantastic! Thank You!  Too relaxed to write more------Renee  St. Louis, MO.  7/5/2013
Awesome, Roll Me Out! -------- Ann   St. Louis, MO.....7/5/2013

Guest Comments

Absolutely Fantastic....Facssage™©, pedicure and manicure -   Bobbie F.

You are the BEST!!!! OXOXO ----- Cousin Donna

Amazing!  Best massage I've had.  Overall wonderful experience!------Annie Wood

The service is great!  Also, the pedicure chairs are soooo comfortable!
I LOVE IT!-------Meadow Deppe

The massage was very relaxing!  I love the pedicures and manicures too!-----Autumn Deppe

Heather,  An awesome birthday for Autumn! You are magic!!!------Love, Brooke

Awesome Job Heather!!!!  I really needed this massage!  Thanks and love you,----Mom

Awesome Job!-----Hannah

Thanks so much!------Nancy

Best of Luck and Thank you!-----Karron

Heather,  I love you to the moon and back!!!!-------Terri M.

Heather,  Great pedicure and manicure!  I can't wait to come back for another relaxing service.-------Mary Jo 

What a wonderful experience, I suffer from BACK pain and the massage helped me greatly.  Highly recommend.------Maria S. Diaz, Chicago 5/18/2013

Great Job! Thank you and God Bless You!----Millie, Chicago 5/18/2013

Awesome manicure and pedicure with a detoXsoak,  Loved it and recommend this treatment to everyone!----Krista    6/2/2013

MAJOR LEAGUE AWESOME!!!!!--------Kathy Kent   6/6/2013

Excellent pedicure and my wax was never better.-------Roxanne  6/7/2013

AWESOME!!!! Ear candling are a MUST!!!!!-------Mike  6/7/2013

Guest Reviews

I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my day off......Deb  3/11/2013
The Facassage- Amazing!  Relaxing, Refreshing and rejuvenating!  Thanks Heather..........Cathie  3/12/2013
Thanks for the pedicure and paraffin wax treatment.  My feet are as soft as a babies bottom now!.........Thanks, Betsy   3/16/2013

More Reviews

Love this place!.....See you monthly or more!------Susie

Thanks so much!  Time flies when you are getting a massage!-----Gina

Great Job!~~~~L'Oreal

Thanks so much.  Great job!  Best Massage Ever!~~~~Ann

My First Massage...1/12/2013  Thank You! -----Ben

Beautiful Heather! You did a spectacular job! -----Barb

Great!!!! Thanks so much.------Nancy

Great as always! God Bless ad have fun in Hawaii!----Jane

What a Great Place.....Loved It!!!!------Lesley

Great Job Heather!-----Diane  1/28/2013

Reviews From Guests

Amazing, Made my Day!!!! -----Kathy W.

My feet feel amazing from the awesome paraffin pedicure. Thank You, I will be back for a body wrap!-------Maxine

So relaxing and fun.....Maureen

Awesome, to go with the rest of my day!----Teresa :-)

Just had a massage and a manicure and never have felt so relaxed.  Thank You!------Judy

You're Amazing!---- Melissa

Thank you so much! Now, I can ROCK my homecoming dress! ----Hannah

I feel so relaxed and moisturized. Loved the paraffin treatment. -----Sheila

Heather You're the Best!  Your Hot Stone Massage ROCKS!!!------Julie
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